Funded by John Templeton Foundation, the Urban Pastor's Project engaged 48 Black, Latino, and White pastors serving urban areas throughout Chicago, IL and Los Angeles, CA to learn their views on counseling and dealing with issues facing their congregants and communities.

Based on the data received, this site
is a beginning mental health resource repository for church leaders.

The world's societal climate in recent years has been challenging and “perilous” (Mark 13:7-8; 2 Timothy 3:1). Through media we are aware
of the increase in violence and killing, economic pressures and natural disasters across the land.

Low income urban communities have been particularly at risk, and individuals are searching for emotional help more than ever before.

Due to stigma and decreased access to quality mental health care, urban pastors are default first responders within their church communities. More than ever, urban pastors are being called on to interact with people with trauma backgrounds and a host of issues.

Thus, it is vital to understand how pastors who serve urban resource-poor areas reflect on their counseling role.